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Beat vs. non-beat

Posted by Abi Kwok on August 11, 2008

I have been on the “beat” for almost a week now. I was assigned to the Senate last Wednesday and Thursday and now I’m here at Congress. On both instances, I have served as a “reliever,” or a subsitute as our reporter/s went on leave. I’m happy and disappointed at the same time.

Happy, because I get to experience how the ACTUAL beat system works. Of course in high school and in college, things were so much different. Now, things are more cut-throat, more intense, and the pressure is definitely on. I’m loving that feeling, rubbing elbows with fellow journalists and top politicos and just learning from the experience.

But at the same time I’m also disappointed because I thought I expected more from all of this. I know I have no right to judge especially since I’ve been immersed here for less than a week, but I really miss being on general assignment.

I guess it’s more of the feeling of being out there, on field, where the news really happens that excite me, rather than staying in a freezer-cum-press center where everyone just waits for the news to be thrown right at you.

Then again, being in the beat is also great because you get to tackle a lot of big, national issues rather than dealing with petty, metro issues that seem to fade into memory the second they get published.

I’m torn. :-S

In less than a month, I’ll be moving to a real beat. Good bye GA and hello to Police. I’m excited and scared, there I said it. I’m just really thankful that I’m getting a preview as early as now. 🙂


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A[nother] day of firsts

Posted by Abi Kwok on August 6, 2008

Today I was shoved into the Senate beat, which would make it my first time inside the well-hidden Senate building in Pasay City. As a newbie, I was so star struck: seeing a lot of senators, feeling the pressure of being in an actual beat, and mingling with other reporters. I was on a high. Of course, the pressure and anxiety were there, but I tried hard not to let people look down on me.

Hey, just because I’m young and I’m new doesn’t mean anyone can push me around 🙂

Anyway, I can’t help but take a couple of photos from the Senate.

I’m really on a high right now, although I feel so tired and I feel like I’m about to get sick. It’s the weather, ack.

Here are my stories for today:

(UPDATE) War imminent if MILF land deal is signed–critics

(UPDATE) Senators want Esperon sacked

Senate concurrence of JPEPA ‘virtually assured’

Piñol brothers decry military ‘neglect’ of North Cotabato

Foreign media condemn broadcaster’s shooting


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