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Don’t look away

Posted by Abi Kwok on September 16, 2008

I’ve always looked at TV shows as reliable sources of great indie music. Undiscovered, raw, and underrated artists are often featured in shows like One Tree Hill, The OC, and other CW Shows (to give them credit). OTH Season 5 has focused the spotlight on two “raw” artists: The Honorary Title and Kate Voegele.

To say the least, both are given such huge exposures that a whole episode – and two or more episodes for Kate – was devoted to them. I’ve checked out YouTube and many people commented on how these two artists wouldn’t have been “discovered” (more like shoved into the glaring limelight) without the help of OTH.

But I’d like to focus this entry to Kate Voegele. Her website introduces Kate like this:

The musical landscape is teeming with singer/songwriters, many of them quite capable, but only a handful have something truly distinctive to offer. Kate Voegele belongs in the latter category. Don’t Look Away, Voegele’s first full-length album (MySpace Records), is a revelation…

My first thought upon hearing her, “Ok she sounds JUST LIKE Michelle Branch.” Her song has that distinct Country twang, she plays excellent guitar, and her voice is deep and soulful like Branch.

But I think what sets Kate from Michelle is her songs. Yes, they do have the same Country/Acoustic/Alternative Rock approach to it, but Kate’s songs are raw. They talk about love, live, and everything between.

My favorite song in the album is “Wish You Were.” The song is painful but the melody is happy (in a way). There’s something very honest in her words, like when she sings “It’s Only Life,” which is another favorite of mine.

People have commented that Kate’s music was nothing special. But I think she deserves a chance. If you haven’t heard/seen her, take a look at this YouTube video:


I was true as the sky is blue
I couldn’t soon say the same for you
So now I find denial in my eyes
I’m mesmerized by the picture that’s in my mind


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New FOB album in ’08

Posted by Abi Kwok on August 27, 2008

This just in: Fall Out Boy will be releasing a new album this November, specifically on the 4th, worldwide. The video in YouTube was uploaded August 25th, so I guess the news isn’t new. But it’s still new to me! Check out the video:

The album will be titled Folie A Deux. Can’t wait! The album will be launched during the US Presidential Elections. Guess, FOB is now being more politically active. I hope they don’t do an Incubus and release A Crow Left of the Murder type of album. Not that I don’t like that Incubus album 😀

Their first single, I Don’t Care, is set to be released online, dates TBA. It can be downloaded for free, according to the band. Keep posted for updates! 😀

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Bands I want to see before I die

Posted by Abi Kwok on August 26, 2008

OK, you probably know by now how much of a music lover I am. Sadly, I have been to two concerts so far, that of Lifehouse and Panic at the Disco: two bands I absolutely love. Someday, I hope to watch more concerts from bands I like. These are just some of the bands I want to see before I die:

  • Dashboard Confessional – if hottie Chris Carrabba, I will not hesitate to don my punk/emo outfit and sing my heart out to Hands Down and Screaming Infidelities 😀
  • Smashing Pumpkins – I’m really interested to see Billy Corgan live wearing the outfit he wore in Ava Adore =O
  • Coldplay – I haven’t listened to their new album yet (except for Viva La Vida, duh), but I have all their other albums, and I think that’s more than enough.
  • Fall Out Boy – too bad I wasn’t able to catch them live during their Manila tour. Pfft.
  • The Honorary Title – this is probably a long shot since they’re still such a small-time band, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed ^_^
  • Motion City Soundtrack
  • Paul McCartney – even one Beatle is enough for me. I can faint!

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‘Truth Fest’ music video, artists take stand

Posted by Abi Kwok on August 13, 2008

This is probably one of the cutest videos I’ve seen locally. This video is a preview to what people will expect on the ‘Truth Fest’ celebration on August 22, which I wrote. Watch and be enlightened 😀

This one is a video I took of National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera as he reads the statement of artists on national issues today.

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