Inside out

Random musings in and outside the news

The Mixed Tape

I love music. I was a member of the choir back in grade school and high school, and sometimes I hoped that I joined the choir back in college too (but no, I had to become a journalist). Music defines so much of me. I can make a mixed tape just based on my mood for a particular day.

My taste in music is actually very varied, but I have a particular liking towards British music — Keane, James Blunt, Aqualung, and most of all, The Beatles. There’s something about the way they write their music that just gets to me. There’s honesty, poetry, and depth. Ahh…:-D

I have only been to two three concerts so far — Lifehouse, Panic at the Disco and (just recently) Fall Out Boy. Someday I hope to watch more and maybe travel abroad just to see, say, Death Cab for Cutie or Coldplay perform live.

Current mixed tape: Motion City Soundtrack


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