Inside out

Random musings in and outside the news


Stand, climb, fall.

DSC_1461Three words have never meant so much to me as now.

I’m a journalist and a writer. I’d like to differentiate the two, although I don’t think that one is not better than the other, or otherwise.

I’m complicated…very. I’m emotional. I think too much. I am always somewhere in between.

In my less than more than a year of being a journalist, I have learned more about people and about life than four years in college. Yes, I still hope to make a difference, I just don’t know how 🙂

I’m loved, but sometimes I get scared of being alone. I hope he never leaves; he’s my friend, my brother, he’s everything and I love him EDIT: I’m still scared of being alone but, IMO, it’s better to be alone and wait than be with someone who can never respect your dreams and your life. Yes, I’m happy where I am right now. I’m still loved, don’t worry 😉

Well, I’m pretty boring, I always tell other people that. I rarely go out, especially at night, and I keep a small circle of friends whom I have learned to trust and who have earned my trust. It’s kind of ironic, though, judging from the way my profession works, the need to be OUT ALL of the time. Haha but that’s just me, little miss irony.DSC_1516

Oh, by the way, if you happen to stumble upon this blog, this is actually a new one. I’ve shifted to this blog, a more ‘formal’ one, I’d like to think, so people won’t get the wrong impression about me. So, I’m starting new, I guess.

You’ll learn more about me along the way, I guess. You will see at least a small part of me in my posts and in the stories I covered and will cover. 🙂

Stand, climb, fall. Like a mantra 🙂


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