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My top 10 movies for 2008

Posted by Abi Kwok on December 30, 2008

Disclaimer: this selection is actually limited because I haven’t seen that too many movies this year. I’ll try to make it up this next year. πŸ˜€

Personally, this year has been a feel-good year in my movie experience. Most, if not all, of the movies I picked for my top 10 2008 movies were animations, if not comic book adaptations. Movies such as Horton Hears a Who and High School Musical 3 were among my top picks for this year.

10. 10,000 BC

Director Ronald Emmerich (Independence Day, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow) took a number of virtually unknown stars and produced a kick-ass movie boasting of excellent CGI effects consisting of larger-than-life ziggurats, mammoths, and other pre-historic mammals. Although I think that the plot is a bit cliche (plus several critics point out the historical inaccuracies in the movie), props to Emmerich for making a good movie out of not-so-good actors. πŸ™‚

9. Jumper

Hayden Christensen is hot! ‘Nuf said πŸ˜€

8. Speed Racer

One of my childhood favorites (plus I absolutely LOVED the Dexter’s Lab spin-off where all the characters spoke very fast, just like in the cartoons), Speed Racer boasts of mind-blowing effects that will leave you dizzy at the end of the movie. Plus, I love cars so this movie definitely belongs in my list!

7. Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr.’s career came to a screeching halt after he was involved in several drug-related incidents. Iron Man was, I think, the movie that put him back in world entertainment spotlight. Downey’s portrayal in the movie earned him rave reviews from critics around the world. Not only that, the movie grossed over $300 million in US and Canada alone.

6. Kung Fu Panda

What’s not to love about Kung Fu Panda? Apart from its main character being portrayed by a pot-bellied, furry, cuddly panda; that panda is also voiced by Jack Black himself. The plot of the movie is simple: a bumbling panda, Po, wants to be a Kung Fu master. When he finally got his chance, he was grossly discriminated by his peers. Eventually, Po was able to stand out and do more than what is expected of him.

5. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

Adam Sandler portrays an Israeli soldier who escapes his home country and flies to New York to live his dream as a hair stylist. Actually, I really loved the acting of John Turturro. Heh πŸ˜€ Anyway, this movie is really, REALLY funny. Yes, the plot is pretty shallow, but it’s a feel-good movie where you leave the cinema feeling light headed and stress-free πŸ™‚

4. The Day the Earth Stood Still

It was only AFTER seeing the movie that I discovered it was a remake.Β  Nevertheless, I liked the message of the movie: care for your environment before it’s too late. But this takes on a different approach to “scolding” the so-called stewards of the earth — alien invasion. Movies like The Day After Tomorrow and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth are no match forΒ  this movie, IMO πŸ™‚

3. High School Musical 3

You may disagree with me here, but I loved, loved, LOVED this movie. There are several kinks in the movie, but I loved the simplicity of the story, especially the love story between Troy and Gabriela *swoon* This movie brings me back to high school. Plus, it has a kick-ass soundtrack. Oh, and this movie made me cry, ESPECIALLY towards the end πŸ™‚

2. The Dark Knight

This critically acclaimed movie stars the late Heath Ledger, who portrays a very disturbing Joker. I think, and many may agree with me in this, that Ledger actually fared so much better than Christian Bale.

1. Sex and the City

SATC is my number 1 movie this year (because I’m a girl and I’m biased that way LOL)! Friendship, love, life all in style; this movie gives the grandest ending to the cult TV series. My favorite scene from the movie? This:

(Sorry about the quality of the video)

I loved how Carrie’s friends protected her and stood by her after she was ditched by Mr. Big. Although the sweet ending of the movie is worth a standing O as well πŸ˜€


Movies I want to see next year:

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

2. Angels and Demons

3. Transformers 2

Can’t wait for next year!


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Posted by Abi Kwok on December 26, 2008

Christmas, for me, is a day of thanksgiving, as the New Year is a day of resolutions and wishes. Christmas is a day to be thankful for life, love, friends, and everything I’ve been blessed with this year.

1. Love

This year has been pretty rocky between Zen and I, as my friends can attest to. But somehow, we’ve made it through and now we’re on our 2nd year and going stronger πŸ™‚ He’s been very patient, very understanding, and very loving (although a bit possessive sometimes haha!). Thanks for sticking by me through all this time and I hope you never get tired of me πŸ™‚ Kudos to Zen, the new engineer! πŸ˜€


2. Friends

I must admit, work has somewhat created a gap between my friends and I, but we managed to pull through and stay in touch. Dinners, YM conversations, Plurk, and even Facebook kept us together (and text messaging, of course). Ah the wonders of technology LOL! Friends always make you feel special, no matter how brutally honest they can be most of the time. Here’s to stronger friendships, new found friends, and old friends πŸ˜€



3. Family

Families are often taken for granted, probably because many think that they will always be there, patiently waiting for and welcoming the Prodigal Son, the Black Sheep, or what have you. I’ve learned to value my family this year more than ever, mainly because I’ve grown more attached to my parents (because I need a hell lot of advice on a LOT of things heh!) Thank you for being so patient with me. I may not be the best daughter, but I am trying my best to be the best daughter in your eyes πŸ™‚

4. Life

Finally, I’m thankful for life. Life has been tough but sprinkles of blessings has made it bittersweet. Sometimes, bittersweet can make you cringe, but at the end of that bitterness is a sweetness that always puts a smile on my face. I’m thankful for work, albeit stressful. I’m thankful for my dogs (hahahaha), I’m thankful for everything!

‘Til next year! Happy Christmas everyone. Happy holidays!:-D

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Most wanted, 2 others slain in shootout

Posted by Abi Kwok on December 13, 2008

3 cops injured

By Abigail Kwok
First Posted 00:19:00 12/13/2008

MANILA, Philippines — A man tagged the most wanted in Region 11 for allegedly leading a crime gang was killed with two of his companions while three policemen were wounded in a shootout in Compostela Valley province Friday night, police reports said.

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Protesters reject Charter change

Posted by Abi Kwok on December 12, 2008

Warnings of civil unrest aired

By Abi Kwok, Thea Alberto, Katherine Evangelista

MANILA, Philippines — (UPDATE 12) Thousands of protesters converged at the junction of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas in Makati City for a rally against moves by administration lawmakers to amend the Constitution.

The protest turned into a huge Christmas party for several organizations, with song and dance numbers were staged on a colorfully lit street with holiday decorations all over the buildings in the city’s financial district.

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WITH TERROR SUSPECT’S ARREST: Metro bomb plot bared

Posted by Abi Kwok on December 12, 2008

By Abigail Kwok, Tarra Quismundo, Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 15:13:00 12/12/2008

MANILA, Philippines β€” (UPDATE 3) A suspected member of the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front planning to carry out bomb attacks in key cities around the country has been arrested, officials said Friday.

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Change is good

Posted by Abi Kwok on December 11, 2008

I heard a really interesting quote yesterday, something like, “Change is the only constantΒ  thing in this world.” I loved that quote, because it perfectly hits a sensitive spot in my heart.

These past few days have been tough, though not obvious (I am getting good at hiding my emotions ie hate, sadness). It’s sad to know that a friend is battling something really tough right now. It hurts me to be one of the last people to know (not your fault, BTW :-)) It’s just that it’s really hard for me to know that I could’ve done something to help and prevent the problem from getting bigger had I known about it earlier. And now, I don’t know if it’s too late to help or change things, because the matter is, as they say, out of my — and my friend’s — hands.

Major change is about to come to my life next year. I’m not sure I’m ready to face those changes, because I also feel that I have to let go of something very dear to me very soon. It’s sad, but as time passes, I’m getting more and more ready to let it go.

I haven’t had the chance to celebrate my 1st year at Maybe during the Christmas party? Anna, Mel, ehem? πŸ˜€



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Info overload

Posted by Abi Kwok on December 5, 2008

I’m still processing ALL the information I’ve received yesterday and everything still hasn’t sunk in yet. Maybe things I will get a clearer picture on Wednesday. For now, though, I’d like to think that change is good and change is a welcome breather from everything right now.


It’s Zen’s birthday today! Happy birthday love πŸ™‚

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