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I hate…

Posted by Abi Kwok on May 27, 2009

…Insensitive, arrogant, selfish people who can’t think of anything or anyone but themselves almost always at the expense of others.

It’s amazing how these kinds of people can fit in one small space and people around them can still keep their sanity. I know I’m trying hard to keep mine. My only consolation is that I have my music (there I go with my music again).


It’s just that things are pretty f*cked up right now and I won’t discuss which part of my life is messed up. Suffice it to say that I’ve been in denial until now, until reality suddenly slapped me with its big, old, ugly hand this hot Wednesday afternoon.

I am trying so effing hard to drown out the noise but these people just keep talking and talking.


Help 😦

EDIT. I noticed I’ve been posting pretty negative stuff here lately, so here’s something positive…for a change!:-D

Sweet Silver Lining

By Kate Voegele

Im going home
Downhearted and hoping
Im close to some new beginning
I know
Theres a reason for everything
That comes and goes

But so many people are looking to me
To be strong and to fight
But Im just surviving
I may be weak but Im never defeated
And Ill keep believing
In clouds with that sweet silver lining

Most days
I try my best to put on a brave face
But inside
My bones are cold and my heart breaks
But all the while
Somethings keeping me safe
And alive

I wont give up like this
I will be given strength
And now that Ive found it
Nothing can take that away


I love how this song is so positive. I’m always looking for that sweet silver lining 🙂


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