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Guard mugs TV reporter, crew, faces raps

Posted by Abi Kwok on February 4, 2009

By Abigail Kwok

MANILA, Philippines – A security guard who allegedly attacked a television reporter and his cameraman last Sunday over an argument involving news coverage in Quezon City is facing several charges.

Victor Cosare, reporter of UNTV, and his cameraman Paul Kenneth Escala identified their assailant as Ronnie Amador.

Cosare said the incident occurred inside the compound of the Grand Central terminal along EDSA at around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, Cosare said in a press conference at Camp Crame on Wednesday.

Cosare and his crew were interviewing the owner of a food stall inside the compound of the Grand Central terminal on the issue of alleged shortage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) when Amador suddenly approached them and demanded that they stop the interview.

“Galit na galit siya pinapatigil yung pagcocover namin. May sinasabi siya na kung nakipagusap daw ba kami dun sa certain ‘XO’ nila sa loob [He was so angry and demanded that we stop our coverage. He was saying something about whether we had talked to their ‘XO’ inside],” Cosare said.

Cosare said he immediately instructed Escala to stop and agreed to talk to the “XO.”

On their way inside the building, Escala said that Amador was allegedly shouting invectives.

Once inside the building, security personnel failed to identify the “XO” Amador was talking about and refused to talk to the television crew. Amador then allegedly demanded the television crew to erase all footages of their interview inside the compound.

But instead of deleting the video of their interview with the food stall owners, Cosare and Escala showed an old footage of their interview with Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Jesus Verzosa and volunteered to delete that instead.

“Sabi niya [He said], ‘Wala akong pakialam kung sino yan [I don’t care who he is],’” Cosare said, quoting Amador.

Escala then answered Amador, saying “Wala rin akong pakialam sa iyo [Then I also don’t care who you are].”

Cosare said the remark prompted Amador to punch Escala, resulting in a free for all that was joined in by two other security guards.

Cosare said that when he intervened, he was punched on the face by Amador.

Cosare has filed a complaint before the Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) Station 2 and has been detained there since.

The PNP- Security Agencies and Guards Supervision Division (SAGSD) revealed that apart from the criminal act, Amador and his security agency committed several administrative violations in the incident.

Chief Superintendent Ireno Bacolod, Civil Security Group (CSG) director, who also supervises the PNP-SAGSD, said that Amador was not wearing his uniform while in his post.

At the same time, all security guards who were on post at the time of the incident had no duty detail order, which was a requirement for all security guards, said Bacolod.

Amador’s security agency, Pistolero Security Agency, also had several violations. First, the security agency’s license to operate was found to have expired last January 15, Bacolod said.

A check with the PNP-SAGSD revealed that Pistolero had been operating since 2007 and was owned by a certain Perry Dilaos.

Pistolero also continually failed to submit its monthly disposition report, which was a “major violation” with a penalty of P5,000 per month.

Because of this, Bacolod created a special team that would confiscate all of the 16 firearms of Pistolero.

PNP-SAGSD could also decide not to renew the license of Pistolero because of its several violations, said Bacolod.

Cosare said they would file charges against Amador.

“As far as we’re concerned, we are going to pursue our legal moves because it is our intention to teach this security guard a lesson because if he can do this to us in the media, what more of the ordinary people,” Cosare said in Filipino.


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