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Posted by Abi Kwok on February 3, 2009

This instantly brought me back to junior year college. Same topic, same controversy, same attacks. I feel sorry for The GUIDON, especially to the reporter/s who wrote the story. To be honest, I have yet to read the article (since it’s not posted online) so I cannot really comment much. But that is not the point of this entry. It’s time for a flashback.

When I was in the center of the same controversy, I tried to be strong. I tried to stick to my story, stick with it til the end, so to speak. Despite of all the criticisms and below-the-belt attacks by some people, I tried to hold on (thanks to my great Assoc Ed back then, Jill :-)) but people always have a breaking point right? It’s still vivid to me. I was being called to the office of Cuyegkeng then and suddenly I broke down. I cried at all the bad things people wrote about me; who say that I am not a good, worthy journalist. But now, I don’t blame them. In a way they’re right. I was too young then, idealistic.

I guess I can say that now because I’m in the ‘real world’ of journalism, so to speak, where everything is more cut-throat, more SERIOUS, and more REAL. Where not just the lives of a small group are at stake, but the lives of probably thousands and even millions of people. I guess I now recognize the magnitude of my responsibility as a journalist to my readers.

I still love The GUIDON. It’s where I found my calling. But I do agree with the writer of the blog entry that there is a need for an evaluation. Maybe a one-on-one consultation? But the organization doesn’t need some hotshot experienced reporter giving it a dressing down for being a crappy student publication. No. In my opinion, The GUIDON needs real, sound, practical advise. And let me underline REALISTIC. I have heard so many professors talk to The GUIDON and say this is what you need, this is what you don’t need but only one percent of those suggestions are really applicable to the organization.

The organization needs help and someone to pull them out of the quicksand they’re in. It doesn’t need someone to bring it down some more.

I hope things get better with the organization, I really do 🙂


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