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Now I know why

Posted by Abi Kwok on January 12, 2009

People close to me know how my parents are so overprotective with me. I’m 22, yet I hardly am allowed to do anything (i.e. overnight, out of town, out of the country). On Sunday, I found out why.

Apart from being an only girl and the “bunso,” I learned that my mom almost figured in a road accident while she was pregnant with me. As my dad narrated, he and my mom were driving towards Baguio while my mom was seven months pregnant with me. Uphill, my dad had a driver’s error and swerved too hard on the curve. He lost control of the car, causing it to spin many times. In the opposite direction, a bus was coming, so the chance of a collision was very high. Luckily, my dad was able to slam the brakes on time, and the bus driver too was attentive and immediately got control of his vehicle.

As a result, I got to live. But more importantly, my parents were alive 🙂

Learning about that incident made me more open towards my parents’ attitude. Before I used to rant about how they could not let me go. Now I know and now I appreciate their concern.

Thank God 🙂


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