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Posted by Abi Kwok on January 8, 2009

Just came home from a sudden meeting at the office today, and I came home with sad, sad news. One of our top bosses resigned yesterday, and we were informed about his resignation immediately after. We were all shocked speechless and, some of us, teary-eyed, couldn’t help but feel sad, panghihinayang, and hurt over the news. After all, he was a great boss. Yes he was makulit, but he was concerned about us. To him, we were more than just employees in the company’s payroll, we were more than that.

In my more than one year stay at, I got to know a little side of him. Sure, his calls at 11 p.m. (even at Sundays) were annoying sometimes, but I got to appreciate these things as time passed. In fact, I even missed it during my two-day leave during the New Year, heh 🙂

His leaving the company is sad and leaves a gaping hole in our hearts, in my heart. But I am still hopeful that things will go back to the way it was. Maybe in a few months? Or years? Sigh. Imma sleep now. Night!:-)

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