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Geek alert!

Posted by Abi Kwok on January 6, 2009

I’m a pseudo-collector of Stephen King books. To date, I have 35 Stephen King novels, including the classics “Carrie,” “Pet Sematary,” and “The Green Mile.”

I’ve sifted through almost all book sales in the metro looking for his books. Although Zen has told me time and again that it’s not a good idea to be buying other people’s junk or hand-me-downs, but you know what they say, there’s always treasure in other people’s junk 😀


Of all the King novels I’ve read so far, I have to say that “The Green Mile” remains to be my favorite drama from King. I also love, love, love “The Road Virus Heads North,” and “The Mist.”

King’s the only storyteller I know who made me lose a sleep because of “1408” (not the movie, mind you, although I am a John Cusack fan).

Sadly, of the 35 books I have, I still have around 15 pending books (don’t hate me!). Now I am reading “Blaze,” King writing under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. It’s an okay book. Not good, though, but just okay 🙂

I also love King’s non-fiction book, “On Writing.” This book is a guide to writing. It’s been mentioned in several of my writing classes in college, and after reading the book, I am not surprised why 🙂

I’ve also seen a couple of King movies, like “The Green Mile,” “1408,” “Pet Sematary,” “Children of the Corn,” “It,” and “Dreamcatcher.”

(OMG. I just heard news that they’re doing a movie of The Dark Tower series!!!!)

The end. 😀


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