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A realization

Posted by Abi Kwok on November 21, 2008

I had a sudden realization while I was typing a news story earlier today: the reason I became a journalist was to prove my college journ professor wrong (friends, don’t mention her name here because she has lots of fans…I don’t know why o_O). I recalled an earlier comment she made about me (behind my back) about my writing and all and that I would make a good RESEARCHER. I didn’t know what to make of that comment, whether it was a complement or insult, but nevertheless, that comment never left me.

Insults were thrown at me when I was still working for the college paper, which somehow gave me a glimpse of what life awaits me in journalism. But hell, I survived, right? And after months of denial, I’m finally back to being a journalist.

It’s not so much as I’m scared of that college professor, it’s just that she has this way of putting other people down. Body language, perhaps. I dunno if that’s intentional, but it really really irritates me the way she has favorites and the way she lets her biases cloud her judgment (because she is THAT good, I suppose).

Anyway, I told my friends that should visit Ateneo again, I wouldn’t want to bump into her because it would be akward. But now I realized that a part of me would want to see her so I could show her that “Look, you didn’t believe in me but look where I am now.” (with matching bitchy gestures for drama. Hee). That would be really really amazing right? Well for me it is. Because I’m able to prove to her and to myself that I can do good in journalism after all 🙂


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