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Posted by Abi Kwok on November 5, 2008

I don’t want my latest blog post to be negative, but I just can’t resist 😀

I hate people who think that fame, fortune, and experience, are excuses so they can be arrogant and treat other people unfairly. I think it’s also unfair how some people get to a position that they really don’t deserve to be in.

I’ve met a lot of people I’ve come to hate but have to live with, just because. Maybe people think that I’m too nice that’s why they treat me like sh*t? But I’m sure those who really know me can say that I’m not THAT nice. It’s just that I’m not an affront b**ch like other people I know.

Work is beginning to take its toll on me, I think. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the job. As I always say, work and I have a love-hate relationship. Sometimes I just have to shut out other people I hate but have to work with. Thank heavens for iPod 😀


On a positive note (hehe), Barack Obama makes US history! It’s definitely historic because Obama is a first for US. I am for McCain though, but that’s useless to point out now, right? 😀

Anyway, the whole world will be watching the first black president, and I will be one of them. 


Planning a Corregidor trip with a couple of close friends before the end of the month. It’s a way for me to reconnect to my history love and to unwind as well. Can’t wait! 🙂


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