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On love, relationship, and cheese

Posted by Abi Kwok on September 19, 2008

Disclaimer: this is a me-talking-to-myself post. It may not make sense to you, but I’m trying to have a conversation with myself. So, don’t ask 😉


When I think of love, I always try to look back at my Philosophy and Theology classes. Too bad I got the wrong professors and I missed out on some of the important lessons in life. But I’ve always looked at love as simple…it’s only us that make it complex.

Maybe I’ve seen too many sappy movies (and cried over them a lot, too), but I think love, more than just a feeling, is a form of appreciation. You appreciate his/her laugh (even if he/she laughs like a pig, you know, that snort snort sound), hazel eyes (or blue, green, what have you), even his/her feet. I think these are the things sorely lacking in relationships today.

Maybe if couples just learn to appreciate each other more, then things will at least be positive for the both of them. 

I’ve often asked myself, “How do you know that your SO loves you still?” and I’ve always found myself staring at a blank wall. I can think, “Oh he loves me if he does this and that,” but maybe things are different for him. It’s hard trying to put yourself in the shoes of the other, maybe that’s why many relationships end in a bad note. 

It’s really hard trying to demystify relationships, let alone your partner. That’s where trust comes in. But trust is easier said than done, right? No matter how much you tell yourself that you trust your partner, somehow distrust always comes in. It’s like it’s the devil inside you, telling you to think otherwise.

I’m blabbering. So I will end this post.

If you haven’t seen the movie Enchanted, then I highly suggest that you do. I particularly love this song, That’s How You Know, sung by Amy Adams. Sure, the song is sappy and melt-in-your-mouth cheesy, but the song really is simple and true: we all just want to be appreciated. Check it out:


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