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22 years.

Posted by Abi Kwok on September 14, 2008

Today I turned 22. And at 22, I promise to be:

  • Nicer,
  • More patient,
  • Friendlier,
  • More understanding,
  • More hardworking,
  • Able to make up my mind! 🙂

I know birthdays are not known for making resolutions, but I feel I have to, just because this year and the last have been particularly difficult for me: adjusting to the transition of school to work; dealing with office politics and b*tches in the workplace; understanding what I really want to do with my life; etc.

I’ve come to appreciate the littlest things in life:

(L-R) me, Lionel, Mel, Anna D.

(L-R) me, Lionel, Mel, Anna D.

Zen and I

Here’s to more years of good times with friends, loved ones, and with life. Cheers! 😀


One Response to “22 years.”

  1. Anna D. said

    iloveit! 😉

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