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(UPDATE) LRT1 bursts past ridership record

Posted by Abi Kwok on August 27, 2008

By Riza T. Olchondra
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 16:25:00 08/27/2008

Editor’s Note: The posted that the record ridership was reached by the LRT this Wednesday. It was on August 22, said LRTA administrator Melquiades Robles in a statement. We regret the error.

MANILA — The Baclaran-Monumento line of the overhead Light Rail Transit system reached a record ridership of 497,008 passengers in a single day, beating the previous record set eight years ago, according to a statement by the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA).

The LRTA reported that the new one-day record was set on August 22, a Friday. The previous record of 458,061 was set on Feb. 2, 2000.

LRTA administrator Melquiades Robles said that a recent capacity expansion enabled the system to absorb “the phenomenal ridership surge” brought about by rising fare and fuel prices.

Robles also assured the public that even if its ridership would increase by 50 percent, the LRT system could still absorb the additional passengers.

“The ridership capacity of the LRTA lines is unprecedented, it is in fact the biggest riding capacity,” Robles said.

Data from the LRTA showed that it fielded a total of 30 trains on August 22. The average load factor or congestion level on this day was 63 percent.

LRT Line 1 has 139 trains that can carry as much as 1,309, 680 passengers per day or 38,520 persons per hour per direction. Meanwhile, LRT Line 2 has 16 trains that can carry a maximum of 730, 240 passengers per day, Robles said.

Line 2 (Recto to Santolan) has 16 trainsets available, which can carry a maximum of 730, 240 passengers per day, he said.

With a report from Abigail Kwok,


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