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Bands I want to see before I die

Posted by Abi Kwok on August 26, 2008

OK, you probably know by now how much of a music lover I am. Sadly, I have been to two concerts so far, that of Lifehouse and Panic at the Disco: two bands I absolutely love. Someday, I hope to watch more concerts from bands I like. These are just some of the bands I want to see before I die:

  • Dashboard Confessional – if hottie Chris Carrabba, I will not hesitate to don my punk/emo outfit and sing my heart out to Hands Down and Screaming Infidelities 😀
  • Smashing Pumpkins – I’m really interested to see Billy Corgan live wearing the outfit he wore in Ava Adore =O
  • Coldplay – I haven’t listened to their new album yet (except for Viva La Vida, duh), but I have all their other albums, and I think that’s more than enough.
  • Fall Out Boy – too bad I wasn’t able to catch them live during their Manila tour. Pfft.
  • The Honorary Title – this is probably a long shot since they’re still such a small-time band, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed ^_^
  • Motion City Soundtrack
  • Paul McCartney – even one Beatle is enough for me. I can faint!

3 Responses to “Bands I want to see before I die”

  1. Anna D. said

    Dude! There’s a rumor Dashboard will be coming over!!!!!

    Check this out. =O

  2. Abi Kwok said

    OMG! *faints*

    (I can’t read that Plurk though, it’s private =P)

  3. […] public links >> duh Bands I want to see before I die Saved by kayden2002 on Wed 29-10-2008 Reader feedback Saved by otonin7 on Sat 25-10-2008 Fixing […]

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