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What if…

Posted by Abi Kwok on August 21, 2008

Today we celebrate remember the death of a patriot. Twenty-five years after former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino passed away, many claimed the country was back to square one; that all of Ninoy’s efforts were in vain

. We were, as some said, at the brink of another martial law, at the brink of another dictatorship.

All of these have led me to wonder: what if Ninoy hadn’t passed away. Would things have been different?

I was born three years after Ninoy’s death last 1983. I was born after the People Power Movement. So I was never a part of history, but how I wished I was.

But I digress. If Ninoy wasn’t assassinated that day, would he have been a better president than his wife, Cory? I

f Ninoy was alive today, what would he have called the people to do?

My mum said that if Ninoy was alive, he would’ve been just like any other politico: corrupted and insincere. Actually no one can really tell, right? But I really wish Ninoy was alive today. He would’ve made a greater difference alive than dead, IMO.

Some shots taken from the mass remembering Ninoy:

I am honestly shocked at how Cory’s physical disposition has changed SO MUCH. I’m happy though that she’s on the road to recovery.


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