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Posted by Abi Kwok on August 19, 2008

Some say that a little bit of appreciation is all one needs to work hard. Sure, monetary gain is definitely a plus, but even if you get a whoop-ass salary, it still won’t compare to having your work appreciated and credited — at least that’s what I think.

I do believe that appreciation should be earned, just like trust. Sure, it should not be thrown around carelessly like I love you’s, but I do believe that people – everyone – deserves to be appreciated. Big or small, petty or not, things done should be appreciated in any way.

I heard an arrogant person say once that we should not think that our works deserve to be credited because appreciation should be earned. Other people will serve as judges of our works and they are the ones who determine if we deserve to be appreciated. That’s a very pompous thing to say don’t you think?

I am currently looking for something. Saying it here might end up putting me in trouble so I will be enforcing my strict privacy rule about this topic starting now. If you want to know, talk to me. But if I don’t trust you, I won’t tell you 😉


I hate:

  • People who judge
  • People who think they know EVERYTHING. (FYI, even if you have experiences that number the same as the dinosaur’s age, that doesn’t give you the license to anything. No it does not).
  • Bitches
  • People who look down on others
  • Selfishness, competition, jealousy

Sometimes, just sometimes, I hate this.


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