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Baby hammies (pt. 2)

Posted by Abi Kwok on August 18, 2008

My hamster gave birth again today. This was the second time (the first time was a complete disaster. Those who breed them must know what I mean). This time she gave birth to around 10 babies and this time I won’t be touching any of them. I’ll just let them be and let nature take its course 😀 .

If anyone has any tips on taking care of these babies, please please share them 😀


3 Responses to “Baby hammies (pt. 2)”

  1. Anna D. said


    Squeak! Congrats! I’ve zero experience handling newborn hammies, but I can ask my friend who gave me mine and used to breed as well. They’re so tiny! =D (read the best answer)

    10 left? Uh oh. What happened to the 5?

  2. Abi Kwok said


    I dunno if I miscounted earlier or the five got eaten >__<

    Thanks! I hope at least two survive though.

  3. Abi Kwok said


    “you don’t actually take care of them, you let the mother do it. If you touch the newborn hamsters then the mothers will reject them or kill them. The best thing is to let nature take its course.”

    Very well noted. LOL

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